Content Edit:

A content edit covers the basic storyline, plot and other areas that need to be addressed. If further research is needed we will inform you. We will also let you know what problems there may be with the overall flow and perception of the story.

The cost of a content edit is $0.003 a word.

Full Edit:

Full edit covers all aspects of the manuscript  from content, sentence structure, plot holes and general accuracy.

The cost for a full edit is $0.005 per word. Example: a 50,000 word manuscript at $0.005 would be $250.00

Editing Packages & Prices

Why we look over all manuscripts more than once:

We look at all manuscripts multiple times in an effort to make the editing process less stressful for authors. We also want to make sure the corrections being made fit with the story and nothing is missed or overlooked.

Line Edit:

For a line edit, we will make sure that the sentence structure is solid and all grammar and punctuation is accurate.

The cost for a line edit is $0.002 a word.