I've been a writer for nearly my whole life. I hold a Ph.D. in Psychology, and was trained to write scientific reports. I've also worked for a major publishing house. Many years ago, I wrote a book that ended up sitting in a box in my closet. That was in the pre-indie publishing days and I couldn't find anyone who was interested in the story. Once I understood the opportunity offered by indie-publishing, I self-published a non-fiction, humorous book based on my work experience. A couple of years ago, I finally decided to start writing fiction again. I thought I knew how to write well. After publishing three science fiction novels, I discovered 3P Editing. Previously, I had avoided hiring editors. My experiences with a publishing house had shown me that they can be good, bad, or indifferent. I was reluctant to hire someone who would charge me more than I might actually make from book sales and who might not deliver the quality result that I needed.

An accidental meeting with one of 3P's other authors who was very happy with their work convinced me to hire them for my fourth book. Their price was very reasonable and the results were outstanding. In a series of three passes, 3P found grammatical errors, corrected punctuation (commas are somewhat mysterious to me), and made gentle, but important suggestions on wording, scenes, characterization, and plot sequences. I adopted nearly all of their suggestions, and my story is now far more readable and enjoyable as a result. My pre-readers have been enthusiastic. I knew the story was good when one person missed work in order to finish the book.

 My conclusion? It's simple. I will continue to use 3P and am in the process of having them edit my previous books. I highly suggest that you consider their services as well.

Eric Martell, Ph.D.

I have worked with Adriana on many projects and always been pleased with the results. She is skilled at catching grammar mistakes, as well as helping with plot issues. I can recommend her services without any reservations.

**Ethan Stone**

Adriana has been beta reading for me since 2012. She does wonderful work, gives great suggestions, and even though my work is edited before she gets it, she has caught several things that have been missed in edit. She is one of the most valuable assets to my work and I highly recommend her work to others. If you have any questions, you may contact me at E.M. Leya on Facebook or at emmaleya@gmail.com.

**Emma Marie Leya **

Adriana-Owner and EIC

Adriana is a very reliable and awesome beta reader and editor. She's done multiple titles for me, given sound input, and is conscious of my deadlines as an author. I've continued to use her because of these traits and would recommend her to any author starting out or polished. You won't be disappointed with her work.

**Sharita Lira-Author writing as Michael Mandrake, Rawiya and BLMorticia** 

Author Testimonials

I am a 43 year old wife, mother, Nanny, Beta Reader, Reviewer and Editor. I started about ten years ago beta reading which I still do occasionally. Then six years ago I started editing until I started my own small indie publishing company with a friend. Upon retiring from the company, I decided to go back to my first love, editing. When I'm not lost in a book I enjoy spending time with my Husband of fifteen years, my son and two pugs.

I've worked with Adriana over the last several months doing beta reads and editing. She is prompt, easy to work with and clear on her intentions for edits. I certainly recommend her and her services for authors looking to improve their stories.

**Diana Castilleja/Diana DeRicci**

Working with 3P Editing was a pleasant process, the edits were thorough and thoughtful. They took the time to do a third or fourth edit as well, making sure my manuscript was absolutely clean and ready to publish. I’ll make sure to use 3P Editing again.

Chris McHart